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What is the best domain name to choose for my business? What are the benefits of an Irish Domain name? These are two common questions we are answering daily so we decided to make it easier for our visitors. We wrote a few sentences about the Benefits of an Irish domain name (.ie).

A domain name is your electronic business card and is part of your identity on the Internet. Therefore, when choosing a domain name, we must be very consistent. Just like your services and products, your domain name is your internet location that your visitors will remember.

What is Domain?

Domain name (domain), is actually a unique website address to the internet, for example, This is the URL that the user writes in a web browser when they want to visit a specific website. This address points to the location on the server where your data is stored and this data is displayed when the address is entered into a web browser.

Domain replaces a complex code

In fact, the domain is a text shortcut to the IP address of the server that the user is connecting to. This means the domain replaces a complex code. For the user, it’s easier to remember “” than it is to remember “123.456.78.9”.
Information about which IP address the domain is directed to is stored on the Domain Name System (DNS) servers. In the real world, for example, if someone wants to visit you, you would give them your home address. If you did not have an address, however, you would have to tell your visitors the exact latitude and longitude in order to find you. In the virtual world, it works the same way. If you want someone to visit your website, they need to know your address, that is, the name of your domain. Domain names are therefore addresses in the internet world. Check out whats your DNS records are at

The domain consists of three levels

Each domain consists of three levels separated by a dot.
Irish Domain - Domain Levels Details

The Top-Level Domains:

The Top-Level Domains (TLDs), is the ending of each domain name. At this time, you can choose from several types of top-level domains. The most used top-level domains are the Country Code Top-level Domain (ccTLD) and Generic Top-level Domains (gTLDs). Country-code top-level domain are shortcuts that characterize the sites of the respective country and indicate the country’s identity (.ie,, .eu, .de,). Generic top-level domains are shortcuts that are not linked to any respective country (.com, .org, .net,), or they are endings that indicate the nature of the web site, (.yoga, .travel, .fitness, .photography, .coffee), or they may also be untraditional (.love, .top, .bio).

The Second-level domains:

Before the top-level domains, there is a Second-Level Domain (SLD). Second-level domain is a custom domain name under which users can find you on the Internet and the name should be the same as your brand or subject. The second-level domain you must register through authorized companies also called domain registrars. See the full list of accredited domain registrar at Based on years of experience, we may recommend registering your domain at

The Third-level domains:

Third-level domains (sub-domain) is any word or phrase that is located in front of the second-level domain. The most widely used third-level domain is the well-known WWW (World Wide Web). However, you can use any number of other subdomains (blog, business, shop, etc.)

Is the Irish Domain Name Really Beneficial to Your Business?

Country targeting and domain security are the Top Benefits of an Irish domain name (.ie). The .ie domain name is Ireland’s national web address and its registration with domain registrar is restricted to Irish business owners only. The .com is a worldwide domain name and can be registered by anybody, anywhere. Therefore, it means a lot whether you choose .ie or .com domains.

If you still do not know what domain to choose and want to know how to make the right decision, you must first answer one important question. Who will be my target group and where will my target group be located? This is because the domain should be selected based on the target group for which your site will be designated, whether you focus on the Irish market or on the global market.

If your target group is the Irish market, then the .ie domain is of greater importance and is a 100% better choice than a .com.

Number of .ie domains registered

At the end of 2018 the total number of .ie domains in the database was 262,140. View Resources page

If you are still not convinced about the Benefits of an Irish Domain name or you are still unsure which is better for you, a .ie domain or a .com domain, the following paragraph offers you some pointers on why it is better to have a domain name with the .ie ending.

1Guaranteed You are Irish

The best way to prove that you are a 100% Irish business is to choose an Irish domain name with the .ie ending because only a .ie domain guarantees that you are really Irish. Your visitors/potential clients will be confident that you are based in Ireland or have a direct connection with Ireland. Because if you want to get an Irish domain name with the .ie ending for business purposes, then you have to prove that you have a direct and real connection with Ireland. New customers only need to send one document proving a connection to Ireland. What documents you need depends on whether you are Registered Company, Self-Employed, Business Partnership, or a Start-up. For example, a domain registrar may require documents such as Registered Business Name (RBN number) or a Company’s Registration Number (CRO number) or an Irish VAT Number. For detailed information about how to sign up and what documents you need, please visit:

2Better position in the search engine results

The domain with the .ie ending automatically has an Irish IP address and is hosted within Ireland. And because browsers use geotargeting and prefer local search results, they will appear in higher positions for a user who uses Irish crawlers such as So, when you choose the .ie ending, your chances of higher search engine positions and higher traffic on your site will increase. Read article 8 Tips To Make Google Love Your Website and increase your chance to be at the First page of Google.

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3Enhanced Credibility

As mentioned above, to gain the .ie domain for your business or your personal use you need to prove your true connection with Ireland. And by having the .ie domain you provide enough confidence to visitors because they know exactly who they are dealing with. And your credibility is also enhanced by the fact that users can verify you at

4Domain Security

The Irish domain with the .ie ending is one of the safest domains in the world, according to a report from security software firm McAfee. The .ie ending domains ranked among the five safest domains in the world in 2010 (see the report The world’s riskiest domains created by McAfee). Because domains have lower rates of cybercrime and cybersquatting than other domain names.

5Availability of the .ie domain

There is a greater chance that the domain you want to register is available with the .ie ending than the one with the .com ending. This is because you need to prove your connection to Ireland in order to obtain the domain name with the .ie ending.

Having the domain name with the .ie ending has many benefits. But to be impartial, we have to point out one disadvantage; the price. This is a very small price difference, however, and usually, the difference in cost between the .ie ending and the .com domain is only a few euros. Prices depend on the company that registers the domain (registrar). However, if you count the benefits of an Irish domain name and the disadvantages, there are definitely more benefits to the .ie domain. Also, it will definitely bring you more users and more profit for your business.

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Our Suggestion

If your Irish business targets not only the Irish market but also the global market, it is sensible to register both domains and redirect the .com domain to the .ie domain.
It is also an advantage to register both a .ie and .com domain name for your business because if you don’t, you are running the risk that another business could occupy either of these names. If that were to happen, the cost of purchasing either domain name from another business owner can be very expensive.


Properly selected domain ending is very important. If you appreciate your website visitors and are proud to be doing business in Ireland, choose the domain with the .ie ending. The domain name with the .ie ending tells the world and the entire Irish community that you are a business located in Ireland. We hope that you’ve found our post about the Benefits of an Irish Domain name helpful. We would be grateful for sharing it. Thanks for reading. Your Webenito Team.

The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information contained in this article. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the use of this article. It is always recommended to consult with a professional before making any business decisions.
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